On neverTrumpers and the left

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On neverTrumpers and the left

Kurt Barlow
Good post on Twitter by John Hayward on so-called conservatives being shocked - shocked I tell you! - that the left is all in on eugenics:

"I don't understand how anyone who claims to be conservative needed to hear Democrats openly endorse infanticide in order to realize Dems are extremists on abortion and no one with respect for life can vote for them in good conscience.

This stuff about making the infant comfortable while you decide whether or not to kill her isn't a bolt from the blue. It's not a shocking aberration. It's the logical conclusion of Democrat abortion politics. It's not that much different than stuff Obama said about abortion.

It should have been obvious as all hell to any reasonably engaged conservative -- and most definitely to all professional pundits -- that Democrats are all-in on late-term and born-alive abortion. They only pretend otherwise to avoid scaring moderates away during elections years.

How many clues did you True Conservatives need to understand this? How many times did you have to see Dems creep up to infanticide and then scamper away when they saw too much of the public recoil in disgust? How much abortion money did you need to see flowing into Dem coffers?

How savagely did the Left have to wage its war against biological reality, against humanity itself, before you understood they are deadly serious about their view of humans as a virus that must be contained, about their crusade against the sexes?

Did you REALLY not understand that the Democrat Party is the political instrument of the extreme Left? Are you really so foolish that you believe their poses of moderation? Only now do you realize it's insanely dangerous to give them legislative or executive power?

What's next? Are you going to tell us you needed to see the rise of AOC before you truly understood Democrats are opposed to the free market? You need another few shots of Nancy Pelosi to realize they're serious about remaking the electorate through open borders?

Passive conservatives long ago proved they don't understand GOP voters. This infanticide shock shows they don't understand Democrats either. They don't appreciate the value of what they throw away when they toss Dems electoral victory to score points in GOP power plays.

NeverTrumpers are True Conservatives with principles forged of titanium steel.

Also, they think you should let the infanticide party have the presidency and appoint a few Supreme Court judges to teach the deplorables a lesson they'll never forget."

It's either stem the tide of the democrat murder machine now, or get ready for those Gulags and concentration camps to become a reality.

No matter what you do, you'll never ride away from you.