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Top Dems say Hillary rigged primary
— by Kurt Barlow Kurt Barlow
Donna Brazile and Elizabeth Warren have within the past 24 hours admitted that the Most Qualified Candidate Ever wasn't qualified enough even to win her party's own primary without cheating.

While it's certainly not news to any conservative who watched the shit show that was the Democrat primary in 2016, Brazile has now gone public with the "news" that the Clinton campaign secretly took control — literal control — of the Democratic National Committee a year before Hillary became the party’s nominee.  From the NY Post:

"Brazile had been tapped for the job when DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign. Leaked emails had shown how Schultz had been putting her finger on the scale to help Clinton while the insurgent Bernie Sanders campaign was making a serious bid to seize the party nomination away from New York’s favorite carpetbagger."

It should be remembered that the leaker of emails - Seth Rich - was murdered less then 2 weeks after the scandal forced Schultz out the door, a fact oddly omitted in all the stories relating to this in the mainstream....

While it's true that Brazile has problems with the truth - what democrat doesn't - as she once went on live TV to tell the world with a straight face that she wasn't feeding town hall questions to Hillary's camp (which she now admits she did), this time the sun has shone on a dog's ass as the saying goes.

Today on the talking heads show, Liz "Hiawatha" Warren tried to simultaneously convince viewers that yes, Hillary did cheat, but that no, the Dems are all better now.  She actually used the term "rigged" to describe her party's 2016 primary, perhaps the most damning word in the language about a supposed free election system.

The Dems clearly forced Bernie aside, while it's pretty clear Joe Bidden wanted nothing to do with running against the insane clown posse that is Hillary and her gang of thugs, and thus Hillary won the nomination (helped along the way with several tie breakers in several states, all of which mysteriously went Hillary's way).

All of this indicates two things - one, Hillary clearly hasn't "gone back into the woods" as Bill Maher has already begged her to do.  She's clearly not given up the idea that she can be President, no matter how insane that notion is.  She continues to give speeches blaming the Russians, racists, sexists, soccer moms, and big foot for cheating her out of what was rightfully hers.  Strangely this fantasy-land approach to politics isn't helping her party much.

And of course that's a problem for Democrats, who have finally got woke to the fact that people despised Hillary in 2016 and don't feel any better about her now.  Their well founded fear that she will act as a millstone around Dems during the 2018 midterms looks ever more real, while their greatest nightmare of all - that she does run again - looks ever more possible as the Democrat's weak bench continues to plague the party.

While Warren is just as delusional as Hillary if she thinks she'll be President, the Dems are finally starting to stop fearing Hillary's wraith and admit what everyone else in America already knows - that Hillary is a giant cheating power mad bitch who has no business being a local dog catcher much less President.  Whether or not it's too late for mea culpas remains to be seen... not that they'll ever be seen from Hillary herself.

No matter what you do, you'll never ride away from you.