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— by Kurt Barlow Kurt Barlow
Something to take note of if the Hutt actually does run again....

"Donna Brazile Says She Thought About Starting the Process to Swap Hillary Clinton for Joe Biden After Her "Stumble" (AKA Public Seizure)

"Brazile describes in wrenching detail Clinton’s bout with pneumonia. On Sept. 9, she saw the nominee backstage at a Manhattan gala and she seemed "wobbly on her feet" and had a "rattled cough." Brazile recommended Clinton see an acupuncturist."

Yup, nothing like acupuncture to cure a seizure and a hacking cough.  Well, that and cocaine.

And it looks like the media and the Dems colluded to keep all of this under wraps, which is weird 'cause the press isn't supposed to be a propaganda machine for either side..... unless that country is Nazi Germany..
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